Welcome to Thailand:

This Airport Meeting Point is for passenger’s booking with us or our Agents or Partners.

Things to Prepared:

  • Meeting point or Airport Map from your agent or the person who book for you
  • Your mobile phone should be shared to us for just in case we need to call you for any urgent communications
  • For Arrival, we can wait for you up to 2 hours, later than that you would be considered as No-Show, and we will not be responsible for any no show chage or refund, please contact your agent for your ticket’s ruls and regulations
  • If you have to apply VISA On Arrival here in Thailand, please inform your agent in advance, so that we will wait for you even its more than 2 hours 
  • We are here to help you  if you need any assistance at the airport, please feel free to inform our airport representative we are more than happy to help


  • All transportation are net, all inclusive, No hidden fee guaranted.
  • If the car type  is different from what you booked, please contact your agent. we don’t have authorization to change the car type for you without agent’s permission
  • As per flight early or delay,  you might get a car ugrade without prior notice. 
  • Please expect to wait up to 10 minutes for your car due to the traffic at the airport and the distance from car park to the terminal
  • Transportation fees that are being paid by your company or agents. You do not need to pay anything for this service unless you elect to book specialized services (ie. more luxurious types of vehicles)

Contact Details for GB Limousine

Tel / Call / Whatzap / Line +66 80 990 6682  |  +66 2 821 5991

Operating hours: EVERYDAY 24/7

MEETING POINT (Suvarnabhumi Airport ( BKK)) 

  1. Exit the ARRIVALS hall (after collecting your luggage).
  2. Turn RIGHT and walk towards the MEETING POINT located between Gate 3 – 4.
  3. Look for GB staff holding a sign with your name on it.
  4. Approach GB staff and they will put you into a car for Pattaya or Bangkok.
  5. Call / Whatzap / Line +66 63 849 1791  |  +66 2 821 5991   for urgent assistance.V

MEETING POINT (Suvarnabhumi Airport ( BKK))

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

MEETING POINT (Donmuang Airport ( DMK)) 

  1. Exit the ARRIVALS hall (after collecting your luggage).
  2. For International Arrivals Terminal 1, our staff will meet you at Gate No.5
  3. For Domestic Arrivals Terminal 2, our staff will meet you in front of arrival hall
  4. Look for GB staff holding a sign with your name on it.
  5. Approach GB staff and they will put you into a car for Pattaya or Bangkok.
  6. Call / Whatzap / Line +66 80 990 6682 |  +66 2 821 5991   for urgent assistance.


Meeting Point Donmuang Airport ( DMK )

Donmaung Airport

MEETING POINT (U Tapao Airport (UTP)) 

  1. Exit the ARRIVALS hall (after collecting your luggage).
  2. You will be at arrival hall Terminal 2 ( New Terminal )
  3. There will be only 1 official airport meeting point
  4. Look for GB staff holding a sign with your name on it.
  5. Approach GB staff and they will put you into a car for Pattaya or Bangkok.
  6. Call / Whatzap / Line +66 80 990 6682 |  +66 2 821 5991   for urgent assistance.


Meeting Point at U Tapao Airport

U Tapao Airprot Meeting Point

Passengers Arrival/Arriving Passengers

passengers Arrival must fill in their personal information on the Passenger Arrival Document no. 6 which is issued by the Immigration Bureau as evidence for contacting passengers while they are staying in Thailand. The staff of the airline you travel with will give the aforementioned document to passengers so that they can fill it in before the plane lands
(traveling to Thailand).

Visas and Travel Documents

Passengers who do not have arrival visas (please see the list of countries below) can apply for visas at the arrival counter by bringing 2 one-inch photos and paying the fee of 300 Baht. Passengers who do not have photos can use photo express service in the airport at 120 Baht (4 photos).
(Information from: Immigration Bureau)

Re-entry Permit

Passengers whose visa status must be permitted for re-entry must inform the officers at the contact point before traveling.

Custom for Passengers Arrival/Arriving Passengers

Passengers Arrival/Arriving Passenger must fill in the declaration form and give it to the customs officers. Passengers without items to declare can proceed to the green lane with the “Nothing to Declare” sign, but passengers with items to declare must proceed to the red lane with the “Things to Declare” sign, together with the declaration form which is completely filled in. If prohibited items are found, customs officers will confiscate those items and passengers will be fined four times of that item’s price.

Passengers who require special assistance, both arrival and passengers departure/ departing passengers, can contact the Customer Service Department at the airport and the facilities provided are as follows:

– Parking

– Elevators

– Restrooms

– Telephones

The criteria for a child traveling alone are as follows:

– The guardian must inform the airline at least 24 hours prior to flight departure because the airline limits the number of children traveling alone as follows. In Royal First Class/Royal Silk Class, the airline accepts only one child aged 8-11 years old. In Economy Class, the airline accepts not more than 6 children aged 5-7 years old or not more than 30 children aged 8-11 years old in each flight.
– The guardian must inform the child’s details including the name and surname, the age and date of birth, gender, the flight, the departing airport, and the arriving airport. The name, address, and contact number of the guardian who sends the child at the departing airport and the name, address, and contact number of the guardian who picks up the child at the arriving airport must also be informed. All details must be filled in on the “Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minor” form (FORM THAI 1122) as evidence.

– The person who picks up the child at the arriving airport must be the same person as the name informed at the Selling Office.

– The type of ticket used must be “Confirm” and must not be “ID” ticket. However, the rewarded ticket from ROP (Royal Orchid Plus) is eligible.

– The parents or guardian cannot go back home immediately. They must remain at the airport until the flight departs.

– Infants or children under 5 years old cannot be UM, except the case that the infant or the child is accompanied by a person aged 12 years old or more.

The handling fee for a child traveling alone is 30 USD or 1,350 Baht for one international flight (means the travel from the departing airport to the arriving airport, regardless of the number of sectors that flight has). If children traveling without parents have the same surname, the handling fee will be charged for one child only. There is no handling fee on domestic routes.

For international flights, the applicable adult fare according to the age of the child/UM will be charged. For domestic flights, fifty percent (50%) of the adult normal full fare will be charged.

In the case of a child aged 12-16 years old travelling alone, the parents or guardian can also require special assistance like children/UM (YP: Young Passenger).

For children, the airline staff will provide assistance in every matter, such as help carrying baggage, suggest them how to wear the seat belt, take care of them during meals, take them to toilets, fill in the immigration form, talk to them, and give them toys. Upon arrival at the destination, Purser or In-flight Manager will transfer the children to ground staff at that airport. The ground staff will take care of the children until their guardians pick them up.

Traveling with Pets

Passengers who bring pets into or out of the country must follow the airport’s regulations and inform the Office of Traveling with Pets which will provide advice on regulations.
The procedures for transporting pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) out of the countryInformation from the Department of Livestock Development http://www.dld.go.th

– Submit the form for pet transportation (Form R.1/1)
– The pet’s health must be checked not more than 2-3 days before departing.

– The agency issues the export permit (Form R.9), together with the health certificate.

The documents necessary for applying for pet export permits are as follows:
– Copy of the passport of the pet’s owner
– Copy of the ID card of the export agent

– Copy of the rabies vaccination certificate in case of exporting dogs or cats

– For birds or other animals, there must be the export certificate issued by the Department of Forestry or the export consent from the officers at the Animal Quarantine Station of the airport and/or CITES documents.

For further information, please contact the Transportation Control and Quarantine Division, Bureau of Disease Control and Veterinary Services, Department of Livestock Development, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400.
Tel. (02) 653-4444 ต่อ 4174,4175,4177-4179
Fax. (02) 653-4865
E-mail : dcontrol8@dld.go.th