Diplomatic protocol limousine service

Diplomatic protocol limousine service

When foreign Leaders & Dignitaries, ministers or senior government officials visit. They require a Diplomatic protocol. 

For a decade, we have been trusted and assigned to handle many government protocol events.

We are not the biggest fleet operator  but with our rigid experiences, long terms limousine partners as well as protocol oriented make us proud to be part of many important events. 


It includes luxury vehicles along with experienced and professional drivers, complete privacy, and confidentiality.

All this can be provided by GB Limousine. In the last 10 years, we have been called to cooperate with Governments, Embassies, Royal Families  when VIP delegations arrived. 


Our job is also provide all types of vehicles for the staff,
like coaches, minibus, minivans and sedan vehicles.
Often this were multiple day visits. 


The Diplomatic protocol includes waiting at the airport by the runway ( tarmac transfer)  so government officials could reach the vehicle as fast as possible because of security reasons.

Motorcades are used to transport a very important person (VIP), usually a political figure. 

This is to make sure the people in the motorcade are safe. 


  • We have sufficient drivers to stand by for any urgent task;
  • We have sufficient vehicles to be assigned for any event;
  • In case of an accident our rapid-reaction team will immediately reach the location of the emergency, make an incident evaluation, and transfer the passeimmediately to a replacement car;
  • In case of a mechanical breakdown of any of our cars, notice will be given by the driver to our dispatchers, and a replacement car will be sent immediately to up the passengers and complete the assignment; With our national networstations, we are able to provide replacement cars within 30-45 minutes;